Iran Mall & Botanical Garden

Luxurious besides the botanical garden and simulation of old Tehran


Tehran today is very different from Tehran fifty years ago, twenty years ago and even ten years ago. It is no longer a city dreaming of globalization, it is not even a city where its people are looking to make a dream city in a systematic way. Tehran is literally a super city. This one-day super modern tour travels through the Iran Mall as one the most luxurious contemporary malls in Tehran, the Botanical Garden known as a piece of heaven on earth and the Bam Land recreational center. At the end of the day we will have dinner at Cinema Complex artificially made by film makers as an emblem of old Tehran.

The Iran Mall is the world’s largest shopping mall in the Middle East as of 2019 located in northwest Tehran by the Chitgar Lake- an artificial and recreational lake located on the north of Chitgar Park in northwestern Tehran, also known as the Lake of the Martyrs of the Persian Gulf, from which about 80% of the body of water comes from Kan Creek. The first two phases of the project were opened in 2018 occupying an area of 1.4 million square meters. The remaining 550,000 square meters are to be inaugurated as part of the second phase. The total area of the project is 1.95 million square meters in total when completed. This mall is still under construction as of today.

The next part of the tour includes the Bam Land where main design concept of it is to bring back the social side of the “bazaar” into a modern shopping center. It happens through an intermingling synthetization of buildings, plazas and the supporting landscape Botanical gardens are originally a collection of living plants designed chiefly to illustrate relationships within plant groups. In modern times, most botanical gardens are concerned primarily with exhibiting ornamental plants, Thus, the two functions are blended: eye appeal and taxonomic order. Plants that were once of medicinal value and extremely important in early botanical gardens are now chiefly of historical interest and are not particularly represented in contemporary collections. Ghazali Cinema Town, 14km west of Tehran is our afternoon and dinner destination. It is affiliated with the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Services and covering an area of 10 hectares, the complex was established by order of Ali Hatami, the famous director of Iranian cinema in 1971, partially simulating old Tehran.